Tutoring and Homework Help for Kindergarten-8th grades is provided Monday-Thursday after school. Research shows that both tutoring and successful homework completion lead to academic improvement. Cooper and colleagues analyzed dozens of homework studies and concluded “homework can improve students’ scores on the class test that come at the end of a topic” and there is “a positive link between time on homework and achievement” (Cooper, H., 2006. Does Homework Improve Academic Achievement? Review of Educational Research, spring 2006, 76(1) 1-62). Parents, teachers and students all make it very clear in end-of-year surveys and that tutoring that uses homework as the vehicle is the greatest need. Many parents thanked the Taos C.R.E.A.T.E. program for homework assistance, saying that they aren’t able to help their children because they “don’t understand the homework” and “at after school, homework gets done correctly and evenings are better for the family” (TDS, Needs Assessment 2012). Students prefer to do homework at after-school rather than at home, because they can “get help at after-school”, “it is quieter”, and “don’t have to fight with parents about it” (TDS, Needs Assessment, 2012). Experienced tutors rotate through small groups to see that homework is completed correctly and understood.

Summer Camp Academics are required participation for ten hours per week during the six weeks of Summer Camp. Research shows that “academic summer programs help students carry over information from one session to the next without losing a lot of knowledge” (Teacher Magazine, June 2007, J. Anderson). Summer staff is encouraged to provide interactive academic programming and hands-on activities. Students who attend three out of the four summer academic classes offered each week earn a Fun Friday Field Trip. Those who attend fifteen or more academic days over the entire summer earn a field trip to Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque. Summer students are highly motivated to earn the field trips.

Music Instruction is provided every day after school for Kindergarten-8th grades during the school year. In small groups of two or three, students learn to play the instrument of their choice. The most popular instruments include: guitar; drums; flute; and percussion.

Enrichment for Kinder and 1st has a weekly rotation including: educational board games; puzzles; art; and Book Club during the school year. These young learners love learning checkers and take pride in completing puzzles, art projects and listening to stories read by the staff.

Wednesday and Friday Enrichment choices include: Tiwa Language and Culture Club; Chess Club; Sewing on machines; Healthy Cooking; Music; Art; Computer Lab that emphasizes typing skills; Educational games; Video Club; or Traditional Arts.

Our Enrichment Philosophy
The Taos C.R.E.A.T.E. program fosters positive youth development through cultural, music, art, sewing, technology and enrichment classes that youth experience as fun, and the classes address higher order thinking skills and support the educational concepts taught during the school day. All enrichment activities have lesson plans that include math, reading, science and/or public speaking skills. Students are learning and practicing key educational lessons while having fun!