Donation Information

The C.R.E.A.T.E. Success out-of-school time program at Taos Day School serves 200 youth each year. All Taos Day School students attend at some point during the year and since 2005, 120 students (75% of the Taos Day School population) attend the C.R.E.A.T.E. Success programs 30 days or more each year and become regular attendees.

The total budget for the Taos C.R.E.A.T.E. program is $250,000 year.

Primary Partners and Sponsors that contribute include:
Fields Institute of Taos (FITaos)
Taos Pueblo Health and Community Services
Taos Ski Valley
Taos Day School
Working on Wellness

Your support is needed to continue these valuable programs. All donations great and small are needed, greatly appreciated and tax deductible!

Donation levels
1) Youth Sponsor
Our cost per regular attendee is $2,085/student/year. Become a youth sponsor! We have 120 youth who attend regularly and need sponsorship.

2) Program Sponsor
Cultural Programming
The Tiwa Language and Culture Club focuses on: preserving the traditional Tiwa language; fostering pride in the culture; incorporating lesson plans with educational components; and implementing hands-on learning experiences – all of which are essential for positive youth development in Native youth. The cultural programming needs $15,347 for: staff salaries; supplies; field trips; and transportation.

Recreational Programming
Recreation activities are scheduled every day after school, and for two hours per day during the six weeks of summer camp. Recreational programming serves two purposes: 1) to combat obesity and 2) helps recruit students who otherwise might not attend after school programming. The total recreation budget for: staff; recreation fees; staff training; and transportation is $47,433.

Educational Programming
Education support is provided through small group tutoring that uses homework as the teaching mechanism in the school year. During Summer Camp, students will spend ten hours per week in academic classes during the six weeks of camp. Enrichment classes including: music; STEM; sewing; and Chess Club are also extremely popular with students and all enrichment classes use math, reading, or science skills. The total educational budget for: tutors; enrichment teachers; and supplies is $46,765.

Technology Programming
The Media Arts program which teaches to students to shoot, edit and produce videos has gained popularity. The students enjoy using GoPro cameras while they participate in mountain biking and skiing/boarding, and then are excited to edit and post the videos they create on the out-of-school time web site The digital Photography Club has motivated students to make their own cards to sell and they have had exhibits in galleries and restaurants in Taos. Having access to and education on how to use technology is very important to Taos Pueblo youth, as many do not have computers and/or Internet access at home. The total technology budget for staff and supplies is $23,900.

Experiences that Provide Safety and Consistency
To provide a program that is safe and open every day after school, and during six weeks of summer, a core group of support staff is needed in addition to the culture, recreation, education, and technology specialists mentioned above. Core staff is needed for: the registration desk; playground supervision; snack preparation; bookkeeping and an Executive Director to coordinate all the above mentioned programs, hire and supervise associated staff, work with local agencies to forge or maintain partnerships, collect and analyze data, write and manage grants. The budget for all core staff is $101,655 per year.
Field trip costs for the school year and summer total $8,400. Other costs, including transportation and insurance total $6,500